“Flying Horses” Robert Minden & Carla Hallett

flying_horses-minden&hallett-small copy

Sixty-nine blown glass bottles create an ensemble of breathy physical sound. With astonishing intonation, the bottle choir creates an almost creaturely presence. Then floating seemingly effortlessly above, soars a musical saw, (actually there are two – a high tenor and a low baritone) singing a mellifluous duet, evoking an other-worldly feel. And just when you think how cool it is to hear music made with curious things, a lonely call from a classic French horn sounds, out of the blue. The music ends with a surprising glissando from a waterphone, perhaps alluding to the impossible escape of flying horses from a gently slowing carousel.

sublime in headphones.

Apple music

many thanks to:
Don Harder, recording, CBC Studio One, Vancouver
mixed and mastered by Jeff Wolpert, Desert Fish Studios, Toronto
Drawing by Nancy Walker

6 thoughts on ““Flying Horses” Robert Minden & Carla Hallett

  1. This is gorgeous! The orchestration and ensemble is amazing of course – love the addition of the French horn – brilliant to give it a surprising orchestral sound!

    I have created an email list and will send out the link.

    love from a HUGE fan!!!

    x0x0x Cynthia

  2. Just delightful! The combination of sounds so perfectly blended, full, soulful. Loved the sound of the French horn in there, and the dispersal of sounds at the end , dissipating into the ether as in a dream. A unique and enchanting little musical journey on the carousel!


  3. Oh my goodness this is utterly and unbelievably gorgeous!
    The unexpected entrance of the French horn amidst found object brings such an interesting orchestral quality. The melody takes surprising turns that reminds me of the feeling of spinning on the merry-go-round and wishing it would never end!

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